Current Transformer Tester and Analyzer

CT2000 is a portable, light-weighted current transformer analyzer. It employ frequency shifting technology to measure CT’s magnetic characteristic. By using this technology, it can easily measure the knee point of current transfomer from several volts to hundreds volts.

  • Measurfe magnetic exciting curve

  • Measurement of DC resistance of the transformer winding

  • Measure errors of current ratio and phase angle

  • Check the polarity of CT

  • Measure 10% and 5% error curves with rated current multiple against burdens

  • Knee point current and voltage

  • Measure CT burden

  • Light-weight (<8.5kg)


Voltage Output:  0~100V (AC)
Current Output:  0~15A (Peak)

Current Measurement Accuracy: ±0.1%
Voltage Measurement Accuracy: ±0.1%
Secondary Side Voltage Measurement Input: 0 – 1.0/10/100 VAC (Auto Range)
Primary Side Voltage Measure Input: 0 – 0.03/0.3/3 VAC (Auto Range)

Ratio Measurement
Ratio Measurement Accuracy:±0.1%

Phase Angle Measurement
Phase Angle Measurement Accuracy: ±1min
Phase Angle Measurement Resolution:0.1min

Winding Resistance Measurement
Winding Resistance Measurement Range: 0~100Ω
Winding Resistance Measurement Resolution:1mΩ

Burden Measurement
Burden Measurement Range: 0~80Ω
Burden Measurement Resolution: 1mΩ
Burden Measurement: 1Ω, mcosΦ: -1~+1

Operation Condition

Dimention: 360mm×365mm×155mm
Weight: <8.5kg


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