TG300 D

Programmable Current and Voltage Source

The compact and portable TG300D is designed as a programmable current and voltage source for customized test applications. The PC controlled software provides the flexibilty to control the current and voltage outputs with Ramp, Puls, Shot, or the combination of different test sequences. More TG300D can be used together to form a larger system.

  • Four current outputs 4 x 12.5A

  • Four voltage outputs 4 x 300V

  • Current and voltage outputs fully programmable

  • High power and long output time

  • For desktop use or rack mount

  • Compact and lightweight


Range: 4 x 300V / 500VA
Accuracy: error < 0.2 % rd.+ 0.02 % rg. typ.
Output time: continuous

Range: 4 x 12.5A / 500VA
Accuracy: error < 0.5 % rd. + 0.05 % rg. typ.
Output time: > 3 Min. at Imax

Range: DC~200Hz
Accuracy: ±2ppm
Resolution: 0.001Hz

Phase angle range: 0°~±360°
Phase angel accuracy: <0.1º typ. at 50Hz/60Hz
Phase angle resolution: ±0.003°

Binary inputs: 4
Binary outputs: 2
Installation: desktop or rack mount
Weight:  ≤19kg


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