Portable Universal Test Equipment

MPF300 is an economical and portable relay tester for substation 3-phase testing. The 3 current channels (each 40A max) and 4 voltage channels (each 300V max) makes it possible to satisfy the needs for all kinds of testing applications in electrical distribution substions, power plants and industrial sectors. With its touch screen and in-built test modules user can perform manual and automatic test easily.

  • Three currents and four voltages

  • Advanced modular Plug-in structure

  • Touch screen control

  • Easy to use with in-built test modules

  • Linear power amplifiers

  • Generators are protected for overload/over temperature/short circuit

  • Audio visual overload, contact status, short circuit, hardware protection indication on front panel

  • Light weight, easy to use

  • 3 years warranty


Range: 4 x 300V / 100VA
Accuracy: error < 0.1 % rd.+ 0.02 % rg. typ.
Output time: continuous

Range: 3 x 40A / 350VA
Accuracy: error < 0.1 % rd. + 0.02 % rg. typ.
Output time: > 10 Sec. at 40A

Range: DC, 0.001Hz~1000Hz
Accuracy: ±1ppm
Resolution: 0.001Hz

Auxillary DC supply:  110V/220V
Binary inputs:  4
Binary outputs: 2
Control: local
Weight:  ≤11.5kg


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