MP3000 F

Advanced Multifunctional Relay Test Set

The MP3000F is the all-in-one test system for protection relay testing and commissioning applications. In addition to the ability of testing conventional protective relay with analog voltage and current outputs, the MP3000F can also test IEC61850 complied digital protection devices and systems, such as simulating/subscripting GOOSE messages, publishing Sampled Values. The 12 low level analog output are provided for stimulating devices with low level inputs.

  • Six currents and four voltages

  • High power and high accuracy

  • Advanced modular Plug-in structure

  • Full automated testing using PC control software

  • End to end test with GPS or IRIG-B

  • Light weight, easy to use

  • 3 years free warranty

  • IEC61850 testing capability


Range: 4 x 300V / 100VA
Accuracy: error < 0.05 % rd.+ 0.01 % rg. typ.
Output time: continuous

Range: 6 x 30A / 450VA
Accuracy: error < 0.1 % rd. + 0.02 % rg. typ. Output time: > 15 Sec. at 30A

Range: DC, 0.001Hz~1000Hz
Accuracy: ±1ppm
Resolution: 0.001Hz

Auxillary DC supply:  0-300V
Binary inputs:  10
Binary outputs: 8
Low level outputs: 12
Time synchronization: GPS, IRIG-B
Weight:  ≤16.5kg

IEC 61850
GOOSE simulation/subscription
…. Virtual Binary Input/Output: 255
…. GOOSE messages: 12
Sampled Value publishing: 4 × SV stream per port
Support FT3 protocol: 4× fiber-optic Ethernet
FT3 interface: 4×SC port for FT3 simulation