MP3000 D

Relay Testing System

MP3000D is a compact basic test system for three-phase secondary testing. It’s capable to do all protection relay tests, such as simple overcurrent relays and end-to-end test. All current and voltage outputs can be individually adjusted with respect to amplitude, phase angle and frequency via PC controlled relay test software.

  • Three currents and four voltages

  • High power and high accuracy

  • Advanced modular Plug-in structure

  • Full automated testing using PC control software

  • End to end test with GPS or IRIG-B

  • Light weight, easy to use

  • 3 years free warranty


Range: 4 x 300V / 100VA
Accuracy: error < 0.05 % rd.+ 0.01 % rg. typ.
Output time: continuous

Range: 3 x 30A / 450VA
Accuracy: error < 0.1 % rd. + 0.02 % rg. typ.
Output time: > 15 Sec. at 30A

Range: DC, 0.001Hz~1000Hz
Accuracy: ±1ppm
Resolution: 0.001Hz

Auxillary DC supply:  0-300V
Binary inputs:  8
Binary outputs: 4
Time synchronization: GPS, IRIG-B
Weight:  ≤16kg


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