TG300 C

Primary Injection Test Set

Thanks to our innovative high efficiency power amplifier design TG300C is capable of supplying up to 1000A AC/DC current, which can last for 3 min. Many test works which need the primary side current injection can be easily completed with PC controlled software, including injecting current from primary side of CT to test the whole protection scheme, injecting current from primary side to check the polarity, etc.

  • Single phase current outputs upto 1000A

  • Output can be AC or DC

  • Current outputs fully programmable

  • High power and long output time

  • For desktop use or rack mount

  • Compact and lightweight


Range: 1 x 1000A / 4000VA
Accuracy: error < 0.5 % rd. + 0.05 % rg. typ.
Output time: >3 Min. at 1000A

Range: DC~200Hz
Accuracy: ±2ppm
Resolution: 0.001Hz

Binary inputs: 4
Binary outputs: 2
Installation: desktop or rack mount
Weight:  ≤20kg


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